Tolga in a World of 3D

Tolga in a World of 3D

Tolga Katas working on 3D

Tolga Katas, Jerry Mahabub, Walt Horat and others were doing some male bonding over 3D audio & video at Jerry’s house in Venice Beach. It was the 3D Film Festival last weekend too, so quite an exciting time indeed.  (Oddly, cell phones don’t get reception in that little corner of the block. How is this possible in today’s high-tech world?) Tolga and I were able to video chat though when he had a minute to take a break. Our conversations went like this.  (These are exact quotes.)

12:45   Tolga: I have to work on this, I can’t talk right now.

2:19   Me: You there?  I had 321,797 views on my facebook Technorazzi page!    Tolga: Nice that’s huge. Tolga: OK let me go I’ll talk to you in a sec.    Me: Ok      Tolga: Almost done probably another hour.

2:41  Me: You there?   Me: How’s it going?

2:44  Tolga: Final stretch.  Tolga: can’t talk right now.   Me: k    Tolga: gimme 20 min

3:21  Tolga: almost done   Tolga: just going to render finals   Me: ok

3:44 Tolga: We’re done baby.

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