Laptops, iPads, Day Blogging and A Nocturnal Genius

Laptops, iPads, Day Blogging and A Nocturnal Genius

Laptops are glorious. They enable me to blog, work on web sites, and check my online banking to see how empty my account is – from any room in the house. I blog a lot in the sun room.

It’s my favorite place to do computer work in the mornings.

I prefer the light and bright places to work – during daylight hours. My vampire Tolga, on the other hand, prefers to work night hours in rooms without windows “because he’s a graphics guy.” ???

But Tolga already made me new software for the iPad. Here he is demonstrating how my IPTV channel looks on the iPad – so who am I to complain?

Nocturnal geniuses have a place in this world.

They do.  Just maybe not in the sun room.

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  1. Hi Aunt Christine! I love your blog, and the sun room too!

  2. One Step Beyond

    Can’t wait to come over and see the activity over there! Looks exciting.

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