The One Reason Tolga Katas Loves Christine Marie to Dry Laundry

Notice how the On and Start button look like the buttons on a media player.  That delighted Tolga.  For that reason alone, Tolga feels happy when he hears the dryer on.  For a guy who makes 3D, develops streaming video applications, loves reflection, gloss, shine, textures, and makes his own buttons for media players in Maya, this dryer is a dream come true. In fact, even though I’ve done laundry hundreds of times, Tolga still loves to go in the laundry room and make sure he’s not dreaming.  He’d probably take his meals in there if I set up a little table. (And yes, that’s a reflection of me in the dryer knob.  That’s a first for me.)

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  1. Christine,

    I relate very well to Tolga’s aura, will you please call me so I can prepare for my visit to you in Vegas?


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