Saving A Life on Easter

Saving A Life on Easter

Yesterday I decided to make cupcakes (pink of course) to celebrate Easter.

My son Christian helped me like a good son, and while he enjoyed the tradition of watching me decorate eggs and bake cupcakes, he only ate one.  He wouldn’t even he take them to his room mates. So I put them out for Easter dinner along with the stuffed peppers I made for Tolga today.

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the food smelled and tasted delicious and…

Tolga stabbed a stuffed pepper when suddenly he noticed that we had an uninvited dinner guest.

Bug in Distress

Between the flowers and the Easter eggs there was a bug stuck on his back running his legs frantically in the air. While most women might panic, and most guys might kill the little guy, Tolga’s urgent concern was not how to save the Easter dinner from the bug, but how to save the bug.

Tolga would never kill a bug.  I understand that – I don’t have the heart to kill bugs either.  But didn’t it used to be the man’s job to be the spider killer?  So shouldn’t the evolved man now be the bug saver? How did it get to be MY job to be the bug ambulance?  I’m afraid of bugs too!

Nevertheless, I gave it my best, and I successfully captured the little guy without harming him…

And I set little Mr. Bug free in his new home in our back yard. A life was saved.

How fitting for a lovely Easter Sunday.

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