Technorazzi Welcomes Teen Blogger Bebe Zeva

Technorazzi Welcomes Teen Blogger Bebe Zeva

This effervescent-but-edgy 17-year-old from Las Vegas. Her determination, enthusiasm, and positive attitude during our interview and other interactions were so infectious and convincing, she was not only hard to resist, but we knew we couldn’t let her get away.


Teen Blogger Bebe Zeva


She could be laying around watching TV while scarfing down Krispy Kremes, or whatever unmotivated teens do these days, but Bebe Zeva prefers to write. Lucky for us. We at Technorazzi welcome our newest contributor,  teen blogger, Bebe Zeva. This effervescent-but-edgy 17-year-old from Las Vegas has been refining her writing skills for years. She says, “It’s been my passion since I learned how to properly handle a pencil. I’ve always been a remarkably garrulous individual; words and opinions are my addiction.”

Bebe had to go through “a vetting process” to get on our “team,” as microscopic as it is, not because we didn’t need her talents or find her perspective on life to be sparkling, refreshing, witty and beyond her years.  But most teens have more carefree things to do than blog about fascinating geeks on a regular basis. Bebe, however, made it clear she is no ordinary teen.  Her determination, enthusiasm, and positive attitude during our interview and other interactions were so infectious and convincing, she was not only hard to resist, but we knew we couldn’t let her get away.

We are not the only ones who see something special here. Author Brandon Scott Gorrell, co-founder of a copywriting service called Fresh Copy and author of a poetry book published by Muumuu House, said this about Bebe.

I like Bebe. I like her writing. She consistently ‘turns out’ what I consider are smart, well-written and compelling pieces. Seems like she is moving toward attaining a good amount of power in both the fashion and journalistic scenes. I feel excited for her.

Agreed. So we got written permission from her mom, and we’re excited for us, as well as the people she interviews.

You see, a few of us believe Bebe Zeva is a rising star, an IT Girl who is determined and destined to become a respected journalist who impacts the world in some new way.

We asked her what motivated her to write for Technorazzi.

“I’d like to write for Technorazzi Magazine because I am passionate about expressing my fascination with people. I’d like nothing more than to immerse myself in an industry that allows me to explore quirky characters of unparalleled creativity. Technorazzi caters to the demographics that interest me most- brilliant, free-thinking innovators. I was born to observe, explore, and analyze. Technorazzi would provide me the opportunity to apply that passion and make a difference.” Bebe Zeva

Just for fun, we also asked…

What books do you love and why?

I like minimalist contemporary literature. Its themes are most relevant to my life. While classic novels are essential for historical enrichment, I find them hard to follow along with and they rarely keep my attention. My favorite author is Tao Lin. I can hugely relate to his ‘battle with the human condition’. He’s a revolutionary.      –Bebe

Describe your geek factor.

Being a geek is just being enthused by subjects and activities that most other people find mundane, commonplace, or unremarkable. I’m a geek for counterculture, sociology, neopets, internet memes, and fruit roll up! Does that count? I am an unnaturally excited human being. –Bebe

Who do you want to write about and why?

Bebe: I want to write about people whose products and creations are more frequently covered than the men and women who made them. Their genius deserves acknowledgment! I would also enjoy exploring trendsetters in all fields; music, literature, film, fashion, and internet culture.        –Bebe

As a blogger, what is the best compliment you ever received?

Bebe: The best compliment I ever received was from an established author who read an article I had written in his prose style. He said something simple about being impressed with my work, which was incredible and unexpected. There is nothing quite like being praised by someone who galvanized your desire to enter the journalism scene in the first place.       –Bebe

Who is your role model or who fascinates you?

I am hugely inspired by established fashion bloggers like Louise Ebel ( and Alice Mary ( I am perpetually working to capture their dedication to style. Their clothing choices, photography, and general aesthetic are breathtaking.     –Bebe

What annoys you or makes you angry?

Bebe: Nothing annoys me more than arrogance. If there is one thing I can’t tolerate in the world, it’s people who do not realize that praising oneself incessantly is impolite and inexcusable. I also have a hard time handling people who have a consistently sarcastic sense of humor. Sarcasm is only good in moderation, otherwise it makes one sound like a total jerk.       –Bebe

How would you describe yourself to boring adults?

Bebe:  I generally refer to myself as a free-spirit when confronted by adults. I almost never rebel against my mother’s authority, but I’m no square and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m often tempted to agree with adults no matter what they say in an effort to gain their approval, but I find that it’s more rewarding to prompt a respectful discussion with elders I disagree with. No one’s too old for introduction to a fresh perspective.       –Bebe

If you could resurrect someone from the dead, who would it be and what would you tell that person?

Bebe: I would undoubtedly resurrect Carl Sagan. I’m not sure that I even need to provide a reason- my choice speaks for itself. Carl Sagan is a legend of unparalleled grandeur. He’s the father of scientific spirituality and charmed me with his fervor for life when I was only 12 years old. I would probably tell Carl that his ideology sparked a revolution in the way our world recognizes and appreciates the Cosmos. I would tell him that God is nature, infinity is God, and humans, too, are part of the divine Oneness that connects everything there ever was and ever will be. It was Carl’s casual lust for life that spawned a million other individuals to forge romantic unions with the universe that created them. The least I can do is thank him.       –Bebe

Look forward to Bebe’s blogs coming on Tuesdays.

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To learn more about Bebe Zeva, here are some of her own FAQs.

Photos by Tolga Katas

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  4. Oh Bebe, one more question. What’s really good though?

  5. ~swoons~ Really glad the world sees how dedicated and bright this girl is.
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