The Hackbus; New Community Forming

The Hackbus; New Community Forming

The Hackbus, owned by EvilMoFo and Fpenguin, is a 1956 GM bus that has been converted to a living room on wheels. It’s mission: to transport hackers to conferences and other events.

“While the sole purpose is just transportation, the bus is loaded with technological features and creature comforts such as air conditioning, a navigation system, a communication center, live DJ, and cellular internet,” they say.

The Hackbus web site states, “According to previous riders, it is one of the most entertaining ways to go to Defcon.”

Indeed. We get it.

Notice the California vanity license plate. Awesome. (Photo from

Empty Hackbus

Full Hackbus. Notice the layers of bodies both sitting and standing.


ANNOUNCEMENT:: International Hackbus Community Forming

We at monochrom ( ) are launching a community site for the evergrowing armada of hackbusses. We need a root movement of doing strange things with hardware which was not intended (aka “hacking”) because only when we use things in ways other than they were planned can something new arise. Hackbusses (or mobile hacklabs or hack vehicles) are a low-threshold way of bringing the culture of hacking to the people. They are migratory learning and teaching units, taking the talented hackers and their ideas out of urban centers and bringing them to people who might not otherwise be aware of the possibilities available to them.

We follow a long tradition of this nomadic approach to bring self-empowerment to the people. These units can be everywhere. And they should be everywhere.

Start one yourself!

You own one? Then add your bus. And join our mailing list. Don’t know what this all is about? Check out the site.

Austrian Hackbus

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