Tolga and I Hosted a Political Soiree

Tolga and I Hosted a Political Soiree

Our "Politcal Party"

Tolga and I had a party in our home on Las Vegas. We invited two political candidates to hear what they had to say. They were Mike Montandon who is running for the Governor of Nevada, and Gordon Martines, a maverick man with integrity and experience who is running for the Sheriff of Las Vegas.  We also invited neighbors and friends. In the photo above, Mike Montandon is speaking.

The man in the gray suit is Gordon Martines, the most experienced candidate for Sheriff of Las Vegas. He mingled with interested votes who asked seriously intelligent questions. He told stories from his 35 years on the force and people were absolutely fascinated, if not riveted. He won’t even take campaign money because he feels like it’s a bribe. How on earth can we help this man win?

Lawrence Pfeiefer having a ball

Posing for a nice picture – too bad all I had was an iPhone. Boy I miss my high-end camera.  I wish I wouldn’t break things so often.

Mike Cohen, a concerned citizen

This is Larry Pfeiffer – definitely a man with opinions, spirit and attitude. He’s one of the investors in the N9NE group and he’s sharper than a whip.  My favorite thing about Larry is that he punched Dennis Hof.

After-party chowing down

Mike and his lovely girlfriend Tracy saved the day by bringing extra food, drinks, cake and more.  Mike is talking to the candidate for governor.

Gordon Martines
L. Jay Sommers and Lola, my amazing neighbor


Lola and I have become work out buddies now.  She has my dream arms and she inspires me.  L. Jay is a banker with an enormous vision.  I spoke to him about funding some films and also about starting a bank for women.  He seemed to love the idea.

Mike Montandon, someone to look up to.

Rome, the man with the eye-patch, has a personal security / bodyguard company. He was a sweetheart.  I wish I could afford to hire him to follow Kandice around.

David Schultens

David is my video technology colleague and dear friend. He has the cutest kids on the planet. Their mom, David’s wife, couldn’t come. She is a Tibetan princess without a country right now.

Mike Cohen, Tracy and L. Jay Sommers talk money. Financial guys always hit it off.

This is the cake Mike & Tracy brought.  Unfortunately, it was light, fluffy, creamy, chocolatey and richly delicious. and Tracy refused to eat a single piece!  So yes, I could not resist a chocolate binge for a few days. Thanks to Lola I’ve since worked it off though. Whew.

Obviously this is Tolga & Bambi the princess chihuahua. About a dozen or so guests did not know who Tolga was and they would ask me who I was with.  I would say, “The guy with the chihuahua.” They responded, “Oh him.”  I thought that was comical, since he is legendary in other places.  He didn’t care that it took a 3 lb reindeer chihuahua on his lap to help people differentiate him from the crowd. He found it amusing.

Bambi's Hiding Corner

When Tolga would stand up and talk, mingle, or eat Bambi would scurry to her hiding spot on a big brown pillow in the corner behind the stairs.

Blurry But Sweet. A Kiss from Tolga

Since I was taking all the pictures, this is the only picture of Tolga and I.  I know it’s blurry but I like it because it shows what a kiss would look like behind frosted glass.

Antoinette Montandon and one of our neighbors.

Tracy looking lovely.

Mike and Antoinette Montandon

Mike Montandon actually has the aura, charisma and demeanor of a president. Tolga thinks he will become president of the United States one day. His web site is was Mayor of North Las Vegas, the fastest growing city in the U.S. for some time. His intelligent, articulate, well-studied, afraid of nothing, his family is exemplary and he won over everyone who listened to him share his solutions and strategies for Nevada. I think he is going to become the next governor of Nevada.

More mingling. People loved hearing those Gordon stories and solutions.  They just couldn’t stop asking him questions.

Gordon Martines for Sheriff

Gordon helped me once years ago and I never forgot it. I told the story to Tolga. When I learned that Gordon Martines was running for Sheriff, it became my turn to help him back.

When Gordon came he was shocked and proud at how far I had come. Tolga thanked him for what he did once upon a time. It was an amazing experience.

Thank You Flowers from Patricia 🙂

The next morning, one of my new friends, Patricia, brought over beautiful pink flowers to thank me for inviting her.  Wow.  I was so delighted I took a dozen pictures of this blooming gesture of friendship.  I am blessed.