Kevin Allyn Assembling Greatest Business Minds

Kevin Allyn Assembling Greatest Business Minds

Last month the SK3 Group, a publicly-traded company (SKTO) that provides licensing, management, and logistic services to medical cannabis collectives made an unlikely announcement. They hired non-pot-smoking Hollywood rainmaker Kevin Allyn as Chairman of the Board of Directors. “When it comes to licensing and making a business deal, Kevin is at the top of his game,” said Jeff Benz, Executive Vice President of Business, Legal, and Government Affairs. “Kevin Allyn has a vast amount of experience as an adviser to both private and multi-Kevin Allyn corporate photobillion dollar public companies, and he has also been a key executive in licensing, entertainment, film, music, sports, talent management and television.”

In fact, Kevin Allyn was one of the presidents of King World Productions, which, among other things, built some of the most successful television show brands in history, including Oprah, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Dr. Phil.  King World is still considered one of the most successful television companies ever. His ability to innovate,  his legendary list of contacts, and his leadership expertise is spearheading the powerful team that is enabling SK3  to effectively scale its service into this lucrative market.”

The stars are aligning.

Yesterday, April 8, 2013, the Maryland legislature approved the use of marijuana for therapeutic reasons, making it the 20th state to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. In March, a survey performed by the Pew Research Center showed historic results.

For the first time in American history,

the majority of Americans believe marijuana use should be legal.


“Fewer Americans believe marijuana is a gateway drug, and almost 72% of Americans believe government efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they are worth,” says Kevin Allyn.

“The scientific research on the medical benefits of marijuana is now so strong, policy makers and the public have finally come together to give cannabis its place in proper medical care,” Allyn says. “Our company provides the well-needed professional services that bridge the medical industry with collectives for this powerful new industry that is just starting its true growth phase as an industry.”

According to an article in The Jewish Week, Israeli scientists see medical marijuana as a safer alternative to morphine and other highly addictive prescription painkillers. They also see it as a cost-effective anti-inflammatory. Ruth Galilly, a professor of immunology at Hebrew University, said, “We know how to extend life, but sometimes it’s not pleasant and can cause a great deal of suffering, so we’re looking to alleviate this, to add quality to longevity. Cannabis meets this need.” Almost all their patients are eating again and they are in better moods as well.

To learn more about the medical research on marijuana, check out the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) who coordinates rigorous scientific studies to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis compounds for treating medical condition. CLICK HERE

To read the CMCR Report to the Legislature and Governor of the State of California presenting findings pursuant to SB847 which created the CMCR and provided state funding – CLICK HERE

“The topic of medical marijuana has never been relevant in my life so I never gave it much thought,” says Kevin Allyn. “So I was surprised at the outpouring of support this company has received from physicians, lawmakers, business people, celebrities, people suffering from painful medical conditions, people from all walks of life. I was especially moved this week when I spoke to a man who was desperately seeking a way to find medical marijuana to help his dying mother who has excruciating pain live her final days with a better quality of life. It was just one more reminder of what a powerful and vast mission we have.”

The proof is in the results. Within the last month, Medical Greens™ has already contracted millions of dollars in licensing and service agreements.

“California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and now the stars are aligning for patients in this historic and pivotal time. I am proud to be a part of The SK3 Group’s leadership role in bringing stability to this versatile treatment for patients in need of its benefits.”

Kevin Allyn is currently assembling the greatest business minds in the nation to join him in this exciting and important venture.  His dream team will implement optimum and unparalleled strategies as they architect best-practices in the medical marijuana space.

To learn more about the fascinating life of Kevin Allyn, CLICK HERE.

To see the world of Kevin Allyn, CLICK THE PHOTO of Kevin Allyn and Bill Gates

Kevin Allyn with Bill Gates
Kevin Allyn and Bill Gates

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  1. Excellent article. Kevin is an incredible businessman. The gallery speaks volumes.

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