Adrian Lamo Loves His Mama

Adrian Lamo Loves His Mama

April 2, 2010 famed ex-hacker Adrian Lamo revealed his weakness on facebook.  It’s his mother. He writes,

So, it’s my mom’s birthday. Help show her that the Interblags have a human face by giving me a quick note to pass on, ideally thanking her for not selling me to gypsies (AFAIK), and for standing off the FBI…

Not to be outdone by facebook friends and fans leaving birthday wishes, Technorazzi could not resist posting a graphic of delicious strawberry cake in honor of Mama Lamo’s birthday.

Here’s our note:

Thank you Mrs. Lamo for A) Not selling Adrian to AFAIK, B) Showing the FBI who was boss, and C) Whatever you did that made Adrian the smart, unique, maverick that he is.

Best wishes, lots of love and Happy Birthday from Technorazzi.  🙂

Please tweet and retweet.

Learn more about Adrian Lamo here> WIKIPEDIA and here> WIRED

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  1. Thanks guys. You got big smiles all around, from my mom + dad & younger sister (who I fully expect to grow up to avenge me after some duel-on-a-railless-bridge-over-lava-related mishap.)

    My only suggestion would be Googling “AFAIK” 🙂

    If there’s anything reasonable I can do for you for having made my mom smile, let me know.

    .— ЯAL


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