Massive Attack: Discover the Electronic-Pop Styling of Banks

Massive Attack: Discover the Electronic-Pop Styling of Banks

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Trip-hop returns in 2013, and it returns in the form of gorgeous LA-based singer-songwriter Banks! Banks, who has been slowly circulating the blogosphere over the past few weeks, is still fairly underground, so there’s not muchknown about her than her moniker and that she crafts incredible electronic pop.

Moody, haunting, and sultry, Banks’ sound is a unique mixture of electro, smart pop, and slightly creepy trip-hop, the sonic lovechild between Lana Del Rey and Massive Attack. Her debut single, “Before I Ever Met You,” is a perfect introduction to Banks’ signature sound, all dark beats, and brooding, pouty vocals. Take a listen:

Also, check out Banks’ other track, the B-side release “Fall Over,” below:

Visit Banks on Facebook here and stay tuned on more from this infectious artist.

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