Pam Moore – Tech / Marketing Nut

Pam Moore – Tech / Marketing Nut

Today on Google Plus, Pam Moore – (who a couple hundred VIPs already put in their “Circles” as compared to my 15, but who’s counting?) wrote,

“Oh Google + how I miss you today! 🙁 I am locked heads down with business planning, forecasts and revenue models. Enjoy your day peeps!”

Peeps!  That’s what won me. Here’s my first impression: She’s got nerve, she’s friendly, fun, full of personality, and I’m a peep!  Like all curious peeps, I cyberstalked her profile and found lots of links, goodies, and information about who she is and why she is exciting to people. Among other things, I learned that she is the CEO and Founder of Fruitzoom which she describes as “an experiential social brand and Digital marketing agency – where social business gets real!”

On her profile she wrote –

I believe in the power of  inspiration via relevant conversation and content that connects real people. The power is in the people and inspiring them to listen, engage and connect with you in a genuine way.
Aha!  So she’s walking the talk. I see.  She engaged me and I connected and here I am blogging before the blog about her.
She is known as Pam the Marketing Nut. She has over 100 YouTube videos to help people “zoom” with their life and social media.  You can check them out HERE
She says she’s 1/2 tech, 1/2 marketing. She’s a best-selling author and speaker, and her resume is drool-worthy with a client list that includes giant companies like Sun Microsystems, Hitachi Data Systems, GE Capital and others.  Yup.  How on Google-earth does she do it all?
I must know. I can’t even remember to take my dog out at night. I see an opening.  She wrote –
Connect with me, talk with me and let’s grow our lives together. Sitting there lurking behind that avatar will get you exactly what you put into it!
So connect I did. Leap, blunder, whatever you call it – I blasted my way into her inbox unannounced and sent Pam the Marketing Nut a message asking her strange questions out of the blue.  Hopefully, she won’t block me.
My goal is to learn something about her that the whole world doesn’t already know, and share it with you shortly.
I haven’t heard a peep from her yet, but since I was too restless to lurk behind my avatar for long, I decided to post this blurb about her even before she responded.
I understand that world-renowned clients like hers taking priority over my little 1/2 digital, 1/2 gingerbread self, so I’ll give her a week or two.
In the mean time, here’s her crazy-fun agency, Fruitzoom.  Enjoy.

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