Missing: Educated, Talented, Adventurous Showgirl

Missing: Educated, Talented, Adventurous Showgirl

In her Las Vegas condo, Debbie Flores-Narvaez surrounded herself with things she loved. Musical instruments stood proud; family pics, framed pictures of dancers & advanced college degrees adorned her walls. Lately, however, she’d been dancing as a showgirl in the sexy adult “Fantasy” show on the Las Vegas strip. Then she vanished.

by Christine Marie, Technorazzi Magazine Dec. 25, 2010

In her condo just off the Las Vegas Strip, Debbie Flores-Narvaez surrounded herself with the things she loved. Musical instruments stood proudly on their stands, framed pictures depicting dancers and college degrees adorned the walls in the tidy home she already decorated for Christmas. She achieved a Bachelor’s in International Business, a Master’s Degree in Finance and a Juris Doctorate degree in Criminal Law.

Why, then, would a woman with such brains become a dancer in “Fantasy,” a show at the Luxor that bills itself as “The Strips Most Seductive Adult Revue?”

Because she was adventurous, she loved life, and this opportunity would enable her to accomplish another lifelong dream: to dance professionally in front of huge audiences.

Debbie spent her childhood training to be a dancer, so when she got the shot to dance in a Las Vegas show, she jumped at the chance.

Why not? she thought. Live life to the fullest! It’s the same reason she became an NFL cheerleader for the Redskins. That turned out to be a positive experience she was thrilled about and would never forget.

She decided to go for her dreams to dance professionally while she was still young. She worked hard for this. Imagine the stories she could tell for the rest of her life about her exciting days as a showgirl on the Las Vegas strip. It was so very Debbie.

Debbie’s words follow.

“The Arts is my passion in life- dancing, modeling and of course music (which makes dancing the art that it truly is.) However, it’s dancing that has given me many opportunities. I am a Ballroom/Latin Dancer as well as a Hip-Hop dancer. I love modeling and acting just as much.”

(Debbie Flores-Narvaez – from her facebook page)

” I am also very driven, ambitious, determined and dedicated

–qualities that permeate every aspect of my life.”

Debbie Flores-Narvaez

“I have broad tastes and interests. My partner in life is someone willing to jump out of a plane with me (spontaneous), then relax, watch the sunset and just cuddle (romantic and a lover). “

Debbie Flores-Narvaez

“I am well-cultured, quick witted, intelligent, considerate and humorous. I’m blessed with a substantial amount of common sense & most say “too smart” for my own good. I am confident, tolerant, loving, realistic, big-hearted and completely uninterested in shallow pretentious people. I am naturally curious and analytical, which makes me pretty adventurous and willing to try almost anything once.”

Debbie Flores-Narvaez

“If there is a way to be outgoing and tranquil at the same time, I’m it!”

Debbie Flores-Narvaez

Now, the young Puerto Rican goddess with Kim-Khardassian-beauty and far more brains – has vanished without a trace. Maybe you’ve seen it on the news. She’s known as the “Missing Las Vegas Showgirl.”

Where did she go?

It’s Christmas. Her devastated family aches for her. Her sister Celeste, just one year older, has flown to Las Vegas alone hoping to find her sister somewhere beneath the glittering lights of a city unfamiliar to her. Celeste, a brave and determined single mother is separated from her children even on Christmas Day. She is exhausting her personal finances and driving a borrowed car trying frantically to find her only sister. While she missing her children brings tears to her eyes, at least she knows they are in good hands while her family is caring for them. Celeste must find her baby sister Debbie. She has no choice. She can’t live without her.

“It’s important to live life to the fullest as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring…or if it will be here…”

Debbie wrote that too. Enough said.


Please help however you can. A reward needs to be raised, flyers need to be printed, billboards paid for, then there’s gas money, airfare, child care, food, lodging and more. Imagine trying to figure all this out this while surviving on financial fumes in a state of emotional trauma, and still giving press interview after press interview, handling detective calls, meeting with Debbie’s friends and colleagues to find out every last bit of information she can.

Imagine the parents’ anguish coping with a missing daughter, compounded by their concern for Celeste and their desperate wish to find a way to be in Las Vegas helping.

And to add insult to injury, Celeste has lost her income. She got fired from her job for leaving work to search full time for Debbie.

How much more can one family go through?

Every $500, $50, even $5 helps. What ever you can do, please do.

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  1. Thank you for showing the smart side of this girl and not just sensationalizing the fact she was a burlesque dancer.

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