Tolga & Tummy Rumblings

Tolga & Tummy Rumblings

Tolga Katas, Christine MarieWhen Tolga woke up the other day, his tummy sounded like a forest full of bears and lions growling at each other.  I rested my ear on his belly and listened. It was terrifying. Tolga said he could sense that the nausea waves were moving clockwise, so he started gyrating his midsection counterclockwise “to see if it would counteract the nausea.”  (Why didn’t doctors think of that?)

My ear was still on his belly.  Imagine getting an ear massage while riding a rocking boat in a thunderstorm.  It’s beautiful.

I asked if we could record those sounds and put them in a Kandice song. She loves unique sounds in her music so this would be perfect!  No one would ever guess what that noise was.  Sometimes Tolga’s stomach noises sounded somewhat like a New Year’s Eve noisemaker.  And then a thunder strike. It startled me.

Tolga tried to listen to MY stomach sounds, but to his disappointment he could hear nothing but a heart beat.

“Christine, do you think your heart is in the wrong place?”
“You mean physically or spiritually?”

“It really seems like it’s down here in your stomach. Seriously.”  He kept listening, concentrating, then started speculating in whispered tones.

“Maybe your heart is just sagging really low because of your age.”

(How does he come up with this stuff?)

“Maybe my heart is just so big you can hear it everywhere in my body,” I said.  “See if you can hear it in my thigh.”

He laid his head on my thigh.  “I can hear it!  Your heartbeat is everywhere in your body!!”

“That’s because I’m alive, baby.”


This morning I woke up, opened my laptop (it was next to me because I fell asleep with it) and instantly the chat window popped up.  I see the word:  I love my baby!

It was Tolga.

I type:  Hi sweetie!

Him:  I’m so excited about Windows Flyxo. I invented some killer new functions last night. You’re going to freak out!

Me: Awesome.

Him: This is better than the Mac version. This is going to become a world platform! No other media player or platform can even get close to this.  I can’t wait to show you! We’re going to be rich, rich, rich!!!

Me:  Excellent, Tolga, wonderful.  Hey, that reminds me.  Um….baby.  Did you pay the Southwest Gas bill yet?

Him: Oh.

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