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At Technorazzi, we find the passion, determination and eccentricity of software developers, innovators and creative geniuses to be fascinating and inspiring, and we celebrate that.  A myriad of blogs and publications talk about technology and gadgets. Not us. Unlike other publications who glorify the business people who get the credit for the work of the creators, we write about the colorful, complicated, fascinating human beings who create this stuff. They are the true stars, the hidden heroes. The ones who are not driven by greed.

After seeing the discipline and sacrifices that software developers/innovators/producers/creatives/engineers/eccentrics/savants go through to solve problems, achieve breakthroughs or complete complex multi-year projects, we have gained a profound respect for these people.  The people we write about are not only brilliant, but they stand for accuracy, intelligence, integrity, beauty, truth and open-source sharing. We want to honor this.

Hoards of digital innovators are under-credited, under-compensated superstars.

They are like da Vinci’s in a digital world.

Rock stars. Super humans with alien brains.

Technorazzi Magazine was created to give these innovators, geeks and creative geniuses the respect they deserve.

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C.M. Katas  “Digital Ginger”

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