Proof of Development: Mountain Dew

For all Mac developers who love Mountain Dew in Mountain View & elsewhere, here’s some trivia for you:
1. The great M. Dew was born in the 1940’s in Tennessee.
2. It used to be advertised as “zero proof moonshine.”
3. The bottles used to have a hillbilly character on the label named Willy the Hillbilly.” Willy was drawn by John Brichetto in 1948.
4. In keeping with the “moonshine” theme, the Mountain Dew bottlers even added the names of the bottlers, the sellers and their locations on the bottles.
5. Mountain Dew used to carry the saying, “It’ll tickle yore innards!” on the back of the bottles. SOURCE
Evidence that Tolga Has Been Coding 2: Empty Mountain Dew Cans
Evidence that Tolga Has Been Coding: Empty Mountain Dew Cans
Evidence that Tolga Has Been Coding: Empty Mountain Dew Boxes
More Evidence that Tolga Has Been Coding: Empty Mountain Dew Boxes
Another View
Evidence of a Fried Brain: No Sense in Having a Waste Basket by the Fridge.
Programmer Dinner...When Christine Marie is Not Around
Evidence that Christine Marie is Not Around: Typical Developer Dinner
One Computer is Not Enough
Evidence of a Caffeinated Engineer: Developing on Too Many Computers
Flyxo Channel Guide on the Left Monitor
Evidence that it Worked. End Result: Flyxo Channel Guide on the Left Monitor.
Thank you Mountain Dew

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  1. Kim Molien

    This is a truism about us creative brains – the chainsmoking (spoken here) and the coffee (also spoken here by the pot), or it could be Mountain Dew in loads. Here’s something hilarious…I was born in Mountain View ! Most of my life, no one knew where this little Bay Area city, was we moved to Los Angeles – where my engineer mother/engineer stepfather went to work as Disney Imagineers when I was 11years old (it’s next to Stanford and NASA AMES Research Center, or Google and Wozniak’s Shoreline Ampitheater, have you), …until the last two years.

    So, now, everyone knows where Mountain View is – these days, at least if you’ve every heard of Google and Semantec. Finally, no more explaining where Mountain View is – at least to those in the know. For all of the habits of supercreative people – they have been some of the most enjoyable folks to be around for those who aren’t hung up, don’t mind smoking, and know there’s more to life than focusing on others’ habits and vices; and that is what wonderful things we can make and accomplish when hounded by the creative muse.


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