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Cary came up with the idea for based on his personal need to communicate more efficiently, and when he analyzed the trends, his idea was validated as solid. He knew he was onto something big, but also something good.

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In 2012, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Cary Cole launched his latest brainchild,, a communication technology that enables people to meet and collaborate in a simpler and more elegant way through “online meeting channels.” is the first product of his latest technology company YouDazzle.

Cary came up with the idea for based on his personal need to communicate more efficiently, and when he analyzed the trends, his idea was validated as solid. He knew he was onto something big, but also something good.

“I wanted to help the most people possible with technology, and through, it is simpler for people to work together online,” he explains. provides video conferencing, audio conferencing, and live web sharing through the cloud, rather than through screen sharing.  Since the technology is based on cloud sharing, it will work on any device anywhere and there is no download necessary, making it extra convenient.

“ gives people more time, helps them become more productive and earn more money without needing to travel,” says Cary Cole.

The Pioneer Path

Being an entrepreneur, to Cary, has long been fueled by his desire to do things that make the world a better place. In the late 1980s, while in college, Cary and a friend developed a software-based financial aid search service that connected students and families with financial institutions and other providers of scholarships and financial aid.  In 1992, Cary, a radiologist and a software engineer co-founded CompuRad where they gave birth to products that not only helped save lives, but expanded into a line of successful products and then a successful initial public offering (IPO). CompuRAD was the pioneer in the teleradiology industry, which allowed hospitals and physicians to capture, store, transmit and view medical images electronically, and paved the way for what is now a multi billion dollar digital medical imaging market.

In 1997, CompuRad merged with Lumisys, which developed the leading line of x-ray film digitizers and portable computed radiography systems. Lumisys/CompuRad was acquired by Kodak Medical Imaging in 1999.

Heart of Gold

In 2001, he was recruited to Broncus Technologies, a Silicon Valley medical technology company, which enabled him to focus his passion to make a difference in helping people with cancer, asthma and emphysema through novel minimally-invasive treatments and medical devices. Cary served as CEO and President at Broncus through 2012 and during that time helped develop and bring to market treatments and technologies that will benefit millions of people throughput the world with severe lung diseases. screen shot with file and Cary

As far as management goes, he tries to spend approximately 1/3 of his time team-building or networking, 1/3 of his time on products or R & D, and 1/3 of his time on sales and strategic partnerships.  He outsources back office operations so he has more time to meet with customers, usually every third week.

His advice to inventors who want to launch a business of their own? “Try to classify your product in a new category, a category which defines things,” he said. He recommended that all would-be entrepreneurs read the book, “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk” by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

More Than Just Business

But he’s not all business. Cary Cole is a member of the board of the Stanford Cancer Institute, and the most important thing in his life is his family.  He is married to a long-time real estate broker who uses the technology in her own business, and together they have four children. Cary credits with giving him more free time to spend with his family. They were able to go on 5 ski trips this past year because Cary was always able to stay connected with

Cary grew up in Tucson, Arizona where his father was primarily a real estate entrepreneur and his mother was a humanitarian at heart, herself contributing much to cancer-related causes.

To ensure that he keeps perspective and stays productive in this fast-paced world, Cary relies on his secret sauce: meditation. “I try to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes any time I can fit it in,” he says. “I love life. I want to live, not think, 24/7.”  He stays on top of things by focusing on 3-5 priorities each day and each week, by using his iPad to organize and create lists.

Clearly, this man walks the talk. Just as technology has enabled him to live a longer, more productive and more enriching life, he wants to share the gift of simple, enriching technology with others.

As Cary says, “Anyone involved in a business or a nonprofit organization, any direct seller, realtor, architect, photographer, teacher, etc. can save time, effort and monies from using and that can equate to a better, less stressful, lifestyle and a more efficiently run, more successful endeavor.”

His values shine through in the mission statement:

“Our mission is to create enriching technologies that improve people’s lives and the organizations to which they belong.”  Nice.  The positivity continues.

“We simply love what we do and thrive in that creative place because it gives our lives and your lives more efficiency so that we can spend more time doing the things that we love most and spend our lives with those we care about the most: our families and friends and the world around us!”

It says great things about a company’s leadership and culture when you see the word “love” twice, and “lives” four times in just two of the sentences of the mission statement.

If you want to meet the leader of the company that  brings you “technology to make life easier,” now you don’t have to drive 1,000 miles or buy a plane ticket.  Just try out (it’s a free trial) and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to video conference with Cary Cole himself.  It’s not very likely he’ll be available, but if you do happen to catch him online, tell him that you read about him in Technorazzi Magazine, and that you couldn’t wait to meet him – on of course!

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