Technorazzi Celebrates Wedding Bells

Technorazzi Celebrates Wedding Bells

Digital visionary Tolga Katas and his long-time girlfriend, Christine Marie, were married in Las Vegas on 11-11-11. Geeks in attendance were abundant, including famed hacker and best-selling author, Kevin Mitnick; tech analyst Dan Sokol; Filter Foundry CTO Kevin Postal; Java king Kevin Deem; senior software architects Gary Kam and Alex Blazso; Technorazzi’s favorite swing-dancing hacker Trevor Blazso; and more.

Tolga Katas and his long-time girlfriend, Christine Marie, founder of Technorazzi, officially became husband and wife on 11-11-11.

A video was projected onto the building.

Video projections on the inside walls of this gorgeous venue added a spectacular, personalized touch.

The wedding ceremony began with a performance by an aerialist who was like an angel dancing in the air with wings of silk. This stunning performance added a  elegance, extravagance and class that somehow both shocked people, and yet seemed perfectly fitting.  A television crew for “Las Vegas Weddings” was there filming the wedding  (described as “Bohemian meets Moulin Rouge,” with a geeky, storybook & Turkish twist.)

When the velvet curtains for the bridal procession were opened, famed hacker Kevin Mitnick, a resident of Las Vegas and friend of both bride and groom, walked the bride down the aisle.

christine marie, kevin mitnick

Kevin stood in place of the late L.V. Charles Besemer, the father of the bride.  Steve Wozniak, the almost-best man, had to be best-man-in-spirit, due to winning an international technology award.

Tolga’s long-time friend for 25 years, Paul Fishkin (Stevie Nicks, Foghat, Natalie Cole), and co-founder of en2go, was actual best man.  Another dear friend of Tolga’s, Jason Flom (Lava Records),  and others from his music days attended as well.

The Pastor was Pastor Ed of Casual Elegance.  In his prior life, he was an engineer – the  perfect wedding officiant for a geeky couple.

Tolga katas, christine marie, wedding
Photo credit - Trevor Blazso


 tolga katas, christine marie

Happiness after the ceremony.

Tolga looks ecstatic.

Software developer Kevin Postal and his creative genius, geek-positive girlfriend, Annie Dorgan, joined in the celebration, along with Adam Kegg Powell (seen in back.)

The Katas family contributed, among other things, Turkish delights.

 Tolga’s little brother Kutan, Las Vegas teen fashion blogger Bebe Zeva, pop artist Lola Blanc, and UCLA grad student Lily Antebi enjoyed the evening.  Bebe caught the bouquet.

Duygu (Tolga’s stepmom) and Dorothy (Christine Marie’s mom) seemed to get along famously.

tolga katas,  christine marie

Tolga & Christine’s first dance as husband and wife.

tolga katas - christine marie

  On the far right is Ali, then Oksan, then Ali’s wife Ayla. Ali is Duygu’s brother, Tolga’s uncle.

tolga katas - christine marie wedding

Left to right:  Oksan Pardo, Tolga Katas (groom), Lola Blanc, Christine Marie (bride), Erol Katas, Dorothy Besemer, Kutan Katas, Christian Melonakos, Duygu Katas.

bridesmaids - christine marie
Lily Antebi, Andrea Moore Emmett, Christine Marie, Lola Blanc

tolga katas, christine marie , wedding

Bride & Groom

christine marie, tolga katas, wedding
Bambi was the official flower dog.

Photo by Las Vegas photographer Steve Mammich.

Tolga and Christine Marie Katas

tolga katas and guys

Left to right:  Producer/promoter John Galiszewsky, tech legend John “Captain Crunch” Draper, dance music veteran and digital visionary – Tolga Katas, music producer and film financier Garianno Lorenzo, famed hacker and best-selling author Kevin Mitnick, celebrity musical director Michael Bearden (Madonna, Michael Jackson).

dan sokol

Hacker and engineer Dan Sokol.

Bambi had her own wedding dress and veil, and of course – she had her nails done too. “This was all find and good until I couldn’t find her, and ironically, Dan Sokol took a photo of her and sent it to me with a ransom note, as a joke,” says Christine.

Hacker//programmer John Draper, Tolga, A-list screenwriter Clay Ayers, award-winning comedian Travis McFarland, Tolga’s brother Kutan -named upcoming young director for Turkey, and entrepreneur Adam Faletti.

Kevin Deem, Christine Marie

Database god Kevin Deem with Christine Marie.

Presents from Turkey!  They pin gold on the bride and give special jewelry too.

Kutan Katas and Travis McFarland

Dan Sokol, Kevin Deem, Kevin Mitnick

Adam Faletti shaking hands with female wedding guests.

Trevor Blazso dancing with his partner Kristen.

Model Luxbot Lacheln and Bebe Zeva with the bouquet caught by Bebe.

Christian Melonakos and girlfriend Meghan Larimore socializing.

Kevin Postal and digital strategist Arturo Perez, CEO & Founder of Kluge

Tolga Katas poses with his long-time friend, businessman John Galiszewski

DJam Hassan, a long-time friend of Tolga’s, truly rocked the house!

Kevin Mitnick, Lola Blanc, Bebe Zeva

Fashion blogger Bebe Zeva, celebrity hacker & best-selling author Kevin Mitnick again, pop artist Lola Blanc

Keeping with Turkish tradition, there was a belly dancer at the reception.

Ginger got the girls on stage and they belly danced like pro’s!

Turkish food, Turkish coffee, and candles everywhere!

Comedian Travis McFarland (left), children’s TV producer Dave Shelton (Snuggy Bear) and model Charise Chyz on the right.

tolga katas, christine marie

Honeymoon Photos Here

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