Us at Cannes

Christine Marie and en2go staff at Cannes

Christine Marie and en2go staff at Cannes

Tobias, our amazing director of photography

Simon, CEO of Emap, and the wonderful beloved Nigel.
Mike Goodrich, the editor of Screen Daily, U.S., also one of the brightest men on the planet.

Nick Risher, hacking his first time…caught on camera!
Kathleen McGuinnis (middle obviously) is THE reason we had such success at Cannes!  She is a film festival strategist and an extraordinary PR/marketing person.

The legendary Martin Marquet from the UK Film Council.  BTW,  his eyes are a mesmerizing baby blue.
This is Andrew, the photographer of Screen International. I had so much fun photographing the photographer. He taught me how to blur the background better, so I am proud of this pic below.  I now think I could enjoy moonlighting as a paparazzi whose target is to photograph the paparazzi.


The view from the window where we were exhibiting.  I wonder how much money it takes to dock at Cannes.  More than I will ever have, no doubt.


This lovely beauty below is a famous, award-winning actress in India. I forgot her name but she was so sweet. Also Tanuj from Viacom 18 is on her right.  I’m not sure who the guy on the left is but he was very genteel, refined, protective of her.indiagreata

A beautiful carousel not far from the Palais. For some reason, I would love to ride this for hours with John Draper.
Christine Marie and Ted Cohen in the booth at Cannes.  Note the model in the action poster: Kandice Melonakos, the face of en2go.

Laurent, sitting under a pirate ship Flyxo HD poster below, was extraordinary. He was professional, kind, patient, motivated, helpful, and soooo smart. All posters created by Darren Ewing!!!


This is me, Christine Marie, wearing silly multicolored glasses, working on my Mac in the en2go booth at the Cannes Film Festival. Wow.  I have a Mac.  I can’t take this for granted.

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